Tommy Petersen has previous worked with network groups as:

As network administrator and coordinator:
Under the auspices of Esbjerg Business, Business Academy Southwest and in the project,
here he worked as an expert, he support new upcoming companies
to be prepared as a supplier to the offshore sector.

As network Coordinator and leader:

Under the auspices of Offshore Centre Denmark:

The network group HSSE in the energy sector, in this group we also have courses and exhibition.
The HSSE group and I have founded the Safety Award in 2011 for the Danish offshore sector,
handed the first time in 2012.
Oil Gas Denmark is now taking over and handing out this award for the first time in 2014. From 2009 to 2013.

Network Group International Contracting a group of lawyers, accountants and directors 2010-2013.

Network Group Regional network located in the five major cities in Denmark, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Odense,
Aalborg and Aarhus, 2009-2012.

Network Group Subcontractors, in this group was focusing on cooperation and projects in the oil and gas industry 2009-2010.

Network Group Offshore IT, a group of IT vendors, in this group we also show in Esbjerg 2009-2011.


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